Staff Augmentation (Contract/ Leased Employees)

With over 60 years of combined engineering and management experience and over 18 years of directly servicing the Aerospace industry. CeyCal brings you the following capabilities in staff augmentation/ payrolling. For Detailed Information. Click Here.

ATE (Automatic Test Engineering)

CeyCal has the expertise to design and program cutting edge test stations and our engineers have specified many of the modern test stations. Test station production with Test Program Set (TPS) for self test and calibration is dependent upon a great number of external factors. But with CeyCal experience in station design, the long lead and firmware driven component specifications are driven to the front of the design process. Additionally, concurrent software production is allowed by early concise resource definition. Our synergistic design methods reduce station prototype production to two years or less.

With CeyCal resource driven station design methodology, not only are station resource design goals available early in the design process to give focus to quickly produce station assets. But it also ties seamlessly into TPS design and integration to remove years of the TPS production time. Enabling concurrency by early resource design allows overlap of some station and TPS design times. With our proven methodologies Most TPS production can be reduced to two years or less.

CeyCal with its huge pool of very experienced engineers and its excellent reputation in the world of TPS and ATE, make it the go to corporation for TPS and ATE expertise. For Detailed Information. Click Here.

Avionic Solutions

RTCA DO-178B software certification related activities for onboard avionic solutions. We have been providing engineering services and consultation for major aerospace companies since 1992. It is a company with professionals who have extensive work experience in embedded avionics projects ranging from Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems, Communication Navigation systems, Flight Management Systems, Engine Control Systems and Power Distribution Systems, etc. aFor Detailed Information. Click Here.

Virtual Environments and Collaborative Workspaces

"Telepress" Omniscient Virtualization of global needs of our strategic partners, In a vision to enhance the world with Collaborated Immersive Command and Control capabilities.

The CeyCal “TelePres” system will provide integrated intelligence and health infrastructural management for total individual or corporate physical assets. “TelePres” system provides real-time situational awareness of the current state of all assets under management. The entire system uses state-of-the-art knowledge generation algorithms that incorporate multimedia and sensors. A centralized virtual collaborative center supporting web-enabled access (including handheld device access & control) provides instantaneous and historical state information with management to supply the health status and ensure the overall capability of deployed infrastructural components to meet their intended purpose. For Detailed Presentation. Click Here.